EAS Naxos

The Union of Agricultural Cooperatives of Naxos (EAS Naxos) is a driving force and a growth engine to the rural people of Naxos, and furthermore to the economy of the entire island.

The activities of eas naxos are:

1. Cheese Making

It owns a cheese dairy at Glynado Naxos. The cheese unit of EAS Naxos is a competitive business with a dynamic presence in the field of dairy products in the Greek market. Key activities are the receipt of cow, sheep, goat milk from the farmers of the Naxos region with in order to process the milk and begin the cheese making. The products that EAS Naxos produces are the Naxos Gruyere (POP), kefalotyri, sour cream, and butter.



2. Potato growth

The Seed Production Operation of EAS Naxos has specially selected and tested parcels which are used for the production of certified potato seeds. In the summer months it gathers, packages and certifies the potato seed. After the pretreatment it promotes it to the producers.


3. Providing services to Members

It has all kinds of animal feed, fertilizers, machinery, tools, seeds, pesticides, and all kinds of agricultural supplies to the producers (members of EASN).


4. Trading

At the town of Naxos there is a meat market which has only local meats as well as stores that sell traditional local products as wine and various beverages, honey, sweets, dairy products, etc.



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